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NANSEN is a Belgian non-profit organisation started up in 2017 by a group of committed and experienced lawyers and academics in the field of asylum, to bring together and make available multidisciplinary expertise in order to assist persons in need of international protection.

 The United Nations refugee agency UNHCR recognized NANSEN as its national partner by granting it a legal aid project.   The main objective of the project is to improve the quality of legal aid to asylum seekers, with extra attention for those in detention.  In order to obtain this, NANSEN directly supports legal practitioners with technical legal advice in individual asylum cases, and looks to expand expertise on asylum together with the academic world.  Lawyers and other practitioners (field workers, visitors of detention centres, etc.) can request NANSEN to support or intervene in an individual asylum file.

NANSEN is also committed to bringing together academic expertise with practical experience in order to generate a mutually enriching exchange.  It works together with universities UGent, ULB and UCL on research and study activities. The organisation is committed to maintaining an independent position.

All pictures courtesy of Norges Nasjonalbibliotek avdeling Oslo, Billedsamlingen, Fridtjof Nansen Archive.